new romantics

The story goes like this:

I just finished a blouse for my new collection Amore mio. It has this super fancy Victorian-like collar (I don’t even try to hide anymore my Jane Austen / Anna Karenina era obsession) and I was so pleased to finish it. I was getting ready to put en embroided text on it, when I decided to finally look over the menswear fall 2017 collections that has been going since January.

Unusually, I liked a big number of shows. Well, to be honest, except Vetements and Off-white, I never really understood what’s all the hype about. As I don’t like being negative so I must say that I particulary loved Undercover collection. It is crazy enough and sending the right message – with “brainwashed generation” picture being in my inspiration folder for years, the jacket is definitely on my wishlist.

Nevertheless, then I saw collection of Ann Demeulemeester and I was stunned. I mean, I love the collection, Ann Demeulemeester is my longtime favourite brand, and I would wear it straight away, because it has all aesthetic forms my too romantic and poetic soul desires.




Seriously, do I have a soulmate in Sébastien Meunier or the odds are just not in my favor?


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