daily hype: alasdair mclellan

Today marks my decision to keep a new genre of posts: my daily hype aka people who inspire me. Or you can just call it Margot discovering the big world. Lets begin.

Mostly thanks to my fashion photography classes, I fell in love with the work of Alasdair Mclellan. What I admire is how he somehow manages to bring sunshine even into studio shoots. I also like the lightness and softness of colors in his clichés. And of course, I like the people he takes pictures of (ok, one in particular, but that doesn’t matter that much) and how he takes them. It makes me dream on and I love the feeling when something makes me dream.

Some facts: He is British, was discovered by i-D magazine and has worked for international fashion press, counting Vogue, LOVE, Another, Another Man, Arena Homme Plus and more. His career has seen him doing ad campaigns for Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Supreme and lots other. The cover of Adele’s 25 has also been shot by him.
You can discover more of his work here

All copyright and my admiration belongs to Alasdair Mclellan



the story doesn’t end here

When I was 15 years old, I was really into photography. Back then it meant very conceptual, sometimes very post-producted portraits or self-portraits. Although I never stop having a strong relationship with photography, I wasn’t very active photographer for quite a while.

Last week-end I was with my friends in St Étienne and we were walthing through an amazing street, with old doors, empty shops, everything very poetic. So I made Nawael pose for me in front an empty laundry shop and I fell back in love with taking pictures that tell a story in colours and faces. Take it as a beginning of #margotalsothephotographer, I’m ready to tell more stories!

new romantics

The story goes like this:

I just finished a blouse for my new collection Amore mio. It has this super fancy Victorian-like collar (I don’t even try to hide anymore my Jane Austen / Anna Karenina era obsession) and I was so pleased to finish it. I was getting ready to put en embroided text on it, when I decided to finally look over the menswear fall 2017 collections that has been going since January.

Unusually, I liked a big number of shows. Well, to be honest, except Vetements and Off-white, I never really understood what’s all the hype about. As I don’t like being negative so I must say that I particulary loved Undercover collection. It is crazy enough and sending the right message – with “brainwashed generation” picture being in my inspiration folder for years, the jacket is definitely on my wishlist.

Nevertheless, then I saw collection of Ann Demeulemeester and I was stunned. I mean, I love the collection, Ann Demeulemeester is my longtime favourite brand, and I would wear it straight away, because it has all aesthetic forms my too romantic and poetic soul desires.




Seriously, do I have a soulmate in Sébastien Meunier or the odds are just not in my favor?


All images courtesy of vogue.com


My last year self’s eyebrowing me, but I actually do miss shoemaking.
Here’s to my last shoe collection “Forget the symmetry”


I can finally welcome you on my personal platform, where you can find my work, my -soontobe- collections and also what is going on in my head.

I couldn’t be more excited.